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Save Time / Save Money

Starting your trip from the Buffalo Niagara International Airport can save you time, money and hassle. Up to 100 nonstop flights per day serving 30 airport destinations and beyond, means you get to where you’re going better and faster! Many of your neighbors already benefit from flying with us; almost 2 million Canadians used our airports last year.Listen to what your fellow Canadians are saying about flying from Western New York.

Save time
  • The average peak wait time at the Buffalo checkpoint is only 12 minutes.
  • If you fly from Toronto Pearson you are instructed to arrive at the airport 3 hrs before your flight. See for yourself.
  • No additional airport stop for Customs & Immigration (U.S. destinations).
  • The Buffalo Niagara International Airport is mere miles from the Canadian border and the QEW.
Save money
  • The Buffalo airport is ranked 13th in the U.S. for most affordable airfares (Q2 2018).
  • Parking rates at the Buffalo airport are low.
  • No international taxes or fees to fly to U.S. airports.
  • If you fly from Toronto to the U.S. you can expect significantly higher government-imposed taxes and fees than if you fly from this side of the border.

When you save time and money, you’ll start every trip with a smile. You can fly U.S.!

Fee comparison example for a party of four, flying roundtrip to Jacksonville (JAX) in October 2018(Monday to Monday)

If flying from the Toronto Pearson Airport (YYZ) :

Total for Airline Tickets (party of 4) $2,169.00
1 Week Parking (lowest priced discount lot) $79.90
Total cost $2,248.90

If flying from the Buffalo Niagara Airport (BUF):

Total for Airline Tickets (party of 4) $698.00
1 Week Parking (lowest priced discount lot) $45.00
Total cost $743.00

Vacation in Jacksonville? -By flying out of The Buffalo Niagara International Airport, instead of Toronto Pearson, a family of four could save: $1,505.90 (US $) 67%.

Disclaimer: Monday to Monday travel in October 2018, average of lowest available airfares inclusive of taxes and 1 checked bag per person per research on 7/05/2018. Airfares, Parking Rates, Currency Exchange Rates, Fees and Taxes are subject to change; therefore this analysis does not guarantee future savings.

Buffalo Niagara International Airport
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