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Buffalo Niagara International Airport
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Save Time / Save Money

Starting your trip from the Buffalo Niagara International Airport can save you time, money and hassle. Close to 100 non-stop flights per day serving 26 airport destinations and beyond, means you get to where you’re going better and faster! Many of your neighbors already benefit from flying with us; almost 2 million Canadians used our airports last year.Listen to what your fellow Canadians are saying about flying from Western New York.

Save time
  • The average peak wait time at the Buffalo checkpoint is only 12 minutes.
  • If you fly from Toronto Pearson you are instructed to arrive at the airport 3 hrs before your flight. See for yourself.
  • No additional airport stop for Customs & Immigration (U.S. destinations).
  • The Buffalo Niagara International Airport is mere miles from the Canadian border and the QEW.
Save money
  • The Buffalo airport is ranked 20th in the U.S. for most affordable airfares (Q2 2017).
  • Parking rates at the Buffalo airport are low.
  • No international taxes or fees to fly to U.S. airports.
  • If you fly from Toronto to the U.S. you can expect significantly higher government-imposed taxes and fees than if you fly from this side of the border.

When you save time and money, you’ll start every trip with a smile. You can fly U.S.!

Fee comparison example for a party of four, flying roundtrip to Los Angeles (LAX) in April 2017 (Monday to Monday)

If flying from the Toronto Pearson Airport (YYZ) :

Total for Airline Tickets (party of 4) $2,130.92
1 Week Parking (lowest priced discount lot) $69.54
Total cost $2,200.46

If flying from the Buffalo Niagara Airport (BUF):

Total for Airline Tickets (party of 4) $1,365.00
1 Week Parking (lowest priced discount lot) $45.00
Total cost $1,401.00

Vacation in Los Angeles? -By flying out of The Buffalo Niagara International Airport, instead of Toronto Pearson, a family of four could save: $799.46 (US $) 36%.

Disclaimer: Monday to Monday travel in April 2017, average of lowest available airfares inclusive of taxes and 1 checked bag per person per research on8/16/2016. Airfares, Parking Rates, Currency Exchange Rates, Fees and Taxes are subject to change; therefore this analysis does not guarantee future savings.

Buffalo Niagara International Airport
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