Runway 5-23

Construction has begun at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport, starting the second phase of runway rehabilitation. Overall, these renovations are part of ongoing preventative maintenance to the airport’s primary runway, including centerline, lighting, and taxiway improvements.

Currently, Taxiway A is under construction and does not affect public travel.

Beginning August 1st, a hard closure of Runway 5-23 will begin.

During this phase of construction, people in the region will notice planes using alternative flight paths more frequently and sound patterns will temporarily change as flights will be taking off and landing on Runway 1432. This hard closure will remain in place until October 1st, when it returns to ONLY overnight closures until November 1st.

All involved in the project have worked very hard to minimize any impact on travelers and residents in the surrounding community.


Noise complaints may be sent toNoise Complaint - Buffalo Niagara International Airport (