Security Protocols

All persons entering the Security Checkpoint will be required to pass through the Magnetometer and luggage screening area. This is to ensure that no person is carrying any type of weapon or explosive device. This procedure is used to ensure the safety of ALL and to discourage and or apprehend those with criminal intention. All patrons are asked to cooperate with the security checkpoint personnel; these employees are here for your benefit and safety. However, if any discrepancy should arise, a Supervisor or Police Officer will be summoned immediately and take the appropriate steps for a final resolution.


  • Security Checkpoint Personnel are instructed to confiscate any and all articles that may impose a threat. For information concerning any articles that you are not sure will be allowed through the Security Checkpoint, contact your airline or the Transit Police Department. Click here for the Transportation Security Administration's list of items prohibited from carry-on bags.
  • Passengers are limited to one carry-on bag and one pocketbook or briefcase.
  • Only immediate pick-up and drop off of passengers is allowed on terminal roadways.
  • Curb-side check-in is available for Southwest Airlines.
  • No unattended vehicles are allowed for regular supply deliveries.
  • No parking within 300 feet of the terminal, except in the Daily/Hourly Garage parking facility.
  • No unticketed passengers will be allowed through the security checkpoint.
  • The level of patrols by uniformed and plain-clothes security and law-enforcement officers has been increased.
  • Patrols have increased in the following areas: Ticket counters, baggage claim areas, baggage make-up areas, screening checkpoints, the aircraft operations area (where passengers are loaded and unloaded.)
  • All passengers are encouraged to check with their airline before coming to the airport.
  • Passengers should arrive at the airport a minimum of two hours before their scheduled departure.
  • The airport is open 24 hours. Please consult your airline to confirm when the security checkpoint will be open on your travel day.
  • Click here for more information on TSA travel tips and restrictions

Transportation of Firearms and Inspection of Checked Luggage

Federal Aviation Administration Regulations requires that: Firearms in checked baggage must be declared and unloaded, passengers failing to declare firearms or transporting loaded firearms are subjected to a civil penalty of $10,000 fine.

Unattended Luggage

All patrons are advised to keep within their possession, all pieces of luggage and carry- on baggage. Any piece of luggage found to be unattended will be confiscated and subject to search by The Transit Authority Police Department. Any patron who observes unattended luggage is urged to contact the Police Department or any airline or NFTA employee.