Buffalo Niagara International Aiport Upgrade

Fences are standing, the ground is broken and the upgrade is taking off. As you may have noticed, the continued success of the Buffalo Airport has spurred need for more room at the entrance and exists, more baggage capacity, more concessions, more . . . everything, really. So we have started the biggest expansion in this terminal’s history.

West Curbside


The heart of the project is flow. As airplanes rely on aerodynamics, really good airports pay attention to passenger-dynamics. They make it easy for people to get around easily and efficiently. To that end, the Airport is making upgrades across the terminal.

Once complete, visitors will find it less congested at the security entrance, with even bigger improvements for the exiting. The new design will sport two egress areas, a new enclosed and expanded federal inspection area for international flights. A refurbished baggage claim area will have not just one additional baggage return belt, but four completely new machines each providing 50-percent more surface area than before.

East Upper Main

Down to Earth

For passengers utilizing ground transportation, a new indoor facility will keep everyone warm (or cool) and dry while waiting for Metro bus or a local shuttle. New concessions, conference rooms and, well, more space comes with the build out. The Buffalo Airport’s upgrade is expected to take about three years.

East Upper Main Green